How can I discover events based on my criteria? 

On BoothSquare, it's possible to filter events based on your preferences (location, date, type of event, etc.) and to sign up for a newsletter to receive information about upcoming events.

How do I send an information request for stand reservation?

On BoothSquare, it's possible to send a stand reservation request by filling out an online form or by directly contacting the event organizer.

If no standard stand is available, how do I send a reservation request to the organizer? 

It's possible to send a custom reservation request to the organizer, describing specific needs and desired dimensions for the stand.

What happens once my request is sent? 

Once the request is sent, BoothSquare sends a receipt confirmation of the request, and the event organizer processes the request by checking availability and confirming or denying the reservation.

How does the stand reservation tracking workflow work? 

You can track the status of the stand reservation request by checking the history of requests, confirmations, denials, payments, etc. It's possible to receive notifications on the progress of the request.

How can I quickly exchange with the organizer? 

It's possible to directly communicate with the event organizer through an integrated chat or messaging feature.

How can I leave notes specific to a reservation request? 

It's possible to add notes or comments to a reservation request to communicate additional information to the organizer.

How can I easily find the documents and invoices related to a transaction? 

It's possible to access the history of transactions and documents related to each reservation.

How can I proceed with a payment? 

It's possible to make payments online through options such as credit cards, bank transfers, etc. (We use Stripe)

Why can an organizer deny my request? 

There may be several reasons why an organizer can deny a stand reservation request, such as stand unavailability, unmet admission criteria, etc.

How can I cancel a request? 

It's possible to cancel a stand reservation request by following the cancellation conditions stated in the terms and conditions.

How is document management organized?

It's possible to store and access documents related to each reservation, such as contracts and invoices, etc.

How is invoice and payment management handled? 

It's handled in compliance with legal standards and ensuring the security of banking data.

What is the commission rate of BoothSquare? 

They charge a commission on reservations made via its platform, the exact amount of this commission varies depending on the events and services offered.

How can I report an error, provide information or make a comment on an event listing? 

It's possible to report an error or submit comments on event listings.

Can I also become an event organizer or service provider?

It's possible for event organizers and service providers to use the platform to promote their events and services.