Hosters FAQ: Your Questions Answered

What is is a comprehensive event directory that provides up-to-date information about various events. It brings together over 7,000 event organizers, covers 400 industries, and operates in more than 170 countries.

How and why should I claim my space? 

To claim your space, you must clic on the button “Yes and I would like to…”. This will allow you to customize and manage your online space for the event in question.

How can I create my space if I can't find my event in your database? 

If you can't find your event in our database, you can create a new event by clicking on the "Create an event" option in your account. You will then need to fill in the necessary information about the event, such as the date, location, and contact details.

How do I create a new event, an event edition, and change their status (publish, etc.)? 

To create a new event or event edition, you must log in to your account and click on the "Create an event" or "Create an edition" option. You can then enter the details of the event and change the status (publish, etc.) using the options available in the event management interface.

Event Advertising Access 

Q: How can I promote my events using your app? 

A: Our app provides access to event advertising opportunities, allowing you to reach a wider audience and increase event visibility. Simply navigate to the advertising section in the app and follow the prompts to promote your events effectively.

Request Submissions 

Q: How can I submit event-related requests through your app? 

A: Submitting event-related requests is easy with our app. Simply navigate to the request submissions section, where you can submit inquiries, applications, or requests for participation. Our streamlined process ensures efficient communication and a prompt response.

Collaboration Tools 

Q: How can I collaborate with other event stakeholders using your app? 

A: Our app offers collaborative features that foster seamless communication and teamwork. You can easily share documents, provide real-time updates, and engage in effective communication with other event stakeholders, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Centralized Rental Process 

Q: How does the app simplify the rental process? 

A: Our app streamlines the rental process by centralizing it in one platform. You can manage rental agreements, contracts, and negotiations conveniently within the app. This centralized approach simplifies the rental workflow for both organizers and participants.

Floor Plan Access 

Q: Can I access the event's floor plan through your app? 

A: Absolutely! Our app provides users with a Premium Feature to access to the event's floor plan design. This feature allows exhibitors, organizers, and attendees to navigate the venue, locate booths, and effectively plan their participation in the event. (Deployment in progress)

Payment and Billing Management 

Q: How does your app handle payment and billing processes? 

A: Our app offers an integrated management system for payment and billing. You can easily track payments, generate invoices, and manage financial transactions efficiently. This ensures a seamless payment experience for all parties involved.

Document Management 

Q: How can I manage event-related documents using your app? 

A: Our app includes robust document management functionality. You can upload, organize, and share important files such as contracts, permits, and guidelines. This feature ensures easy access, collaboration, and efficient handling of event-related documents.erate invoices, track payments and generate payment reminders.

What is the commission amount for BoothSquare? 

The commission amount for BoothSquare is about 7,5%. It is important to consult the terms of sale to know the applied rates.

How can I share an error, information or remark on an event page? 

To share an error, information or remark on an event page, you can use the built-in comment feature in the event management interface.

Can I also become an exhibitor? 

Yes, you can become an exhibitor by creating a space for your business or by reserving a stand for an event.

Why use BoothSquare is a guarantee of security and efficiency? BoothSquare is an online event management tool that allows for efficient and secure management of reservations, invoicing and payments. It also offers communication and collaboration features to facilitate coordination between organizers, exhibitors, and visitors.